Change It Up: Trending Apartment Décor in Clackamas

Now that you’ve gotten the opportunity to spend more time than usual in your Clackamas apartments this year, do you feel like it can use a little decor update? There are lots of creative ways you can change your apartments up so that it feels like you’re in a new space, or at the very least, refreshed in some way.

Here are some tips on how you can make use of new décor for your apartment:

1.       Theme- It’s important to come up with a theme, or at least the ESSENCE of what you’d like your apartment to have. When you’re home, is your goal to feel relaxed, energized, or both? If you want to feel relaxed, use more earth tones, and get things like succulents and incense (if your building allows this) to feel as though you’re more grounded. If you want to feel more energized, bring in some color and use either a citrus-type or spicy kind of air diffuser so that your senses are awakened.

2.       Little Accents- People underestimate the power of little accessories in your home that can truly give it some character. If you’re drawing a blank on this one, think about getting the following things: a wall clock, a movie poster, a record player, a decorative candle, pillows for your couch, and more if you go to the home section of It’s very important that you do all your shopping online!

3.       Furniture- Right now is a great time to shop for new furniture online or on different apps, like OfferUp, where people are trying to get rid of quality things in order to get more money. Add a new chair or desk to your apartment in order to accentuate the new vibe you’re going for.

That wraps it up in terms of tips for new décor for your Clackamas apartments. If you have any tips, please share in the comments below.