Decorate Your Sunnyside Village Apartment For A Festive Holiday Season


It’s time for the jingle bells to ring at Sunnyside Village! Get ready to decorate your apartment in time for the holiday community festivities. Check out the checklist below for holiday decorations sure to put family, friends, and guests in the holiday spirit.

Decorations That Transition From Christmas & Into The New Year

This year, give a warm welcome with a decorative welcome mat in front of your apartment door. Whether purchased or created, having a welcome mat can help family and guests feel right at home before coming in. A welcome mat can serve as a decoration for New Year as well. If you choose to purchase a welcome mat for your apartment, you can shop online or visit any nearby community store.

A Checklist For Creating A Winter Wonderland In Your Apartment

Create a festive atmosphere for family and guests this year. Check out the checklist below for some fun holiday decorating ideas:

  • Get creative with a DIY wall Christmas Tree. Use garland as “Christmas leaves” and Christmas cards or pictures as ornaments
  • Create and hang DIY Christmas Banners from your fireplace mantel.
  • Use different throw blankets with Christmas colors to lay across your love seat or sofa for a simple Christmas decoration.
  • Decorate a small Christmas tree to put in the corner of your bedroom, living room, or dining room.
  • Bake brownies and use them as an edible Christmas stocking item.
  • Create a Christmas lights banner and attach memorable photos, candy canes, and light-weighted ornaments.

Keeping Your Festive Decoration Through The New Year

It’s time to prepare your apartment at Sunnyside Village for visiting family, friends, and guests. Use the checklist above for trending Christmas items and decorations. The checklist includes awesome decor ideas to help turn your apartment into a Winter Wonderland!

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Guests During Thanksgiving


There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than with friends and family at Sunnyside Village apartments in Clackamas, OR. With spacious floor plans and balcony patios to enjoy the fresh fall air, coasting into the Thanksgiving holiday can be a breeze. Follow this guide to make structuring apartment kitchens for the upcoming holiday stress-free.

Prepare a Guest List

Your priority when planning a holiday gathering is finding out how many guests will be attending. Whether you send physical invites or message people through social media, it’s essential to get an RSVP from each guest so you know how many to cater for.

If friends, family, and neighbors are on the invite list, don’t forget to include any children or acquaintances they may bring along as well. One helpful tip is to add a couple of extra guests to the number of people that have accepted.

Menu Plan and Organization

Once you’ve completed the guest list, it’s time to start planning and organizing the menu. Cooking in an apartment kitchen is easier than you might think with clear space. Clear off any unnecessary items, such as coffee makers, toasters, or bread boxes, on Thanbksgiving.

To keep the holiday spirit joyous, buying affordable dishware and tabletop decorations at your local Dollar Tree is a cheap expense that will help spread the holiday cheer.

Holiday Game Ideas

While the food is cooking, keep your guests entertained with holiday games or traditional board games, such as Sorry! or Yahtzee. Find holiday printables for easy activities such as Turkey Trivia or Turkey Tag.

Remember not to let the stress of cooking in an apartment kitchen or decorating wear you out — the holidays are about spending time with family and friends. Enjoy the company of everyone you love, indulge in your favorite Thanksgiving foods, and prepare to make everlasting memories.