Spooky Halloween Treats and Décor to Try This Season


Spook season is finally around the corner! Halloween enthusiasts are already getting along with their Sunnyside Village Apartments decorations. What would you say if you were told you don’t need to go overboard to accomplish the ultimate aesthetic?

Delicious Pumpkin Treats & More

Autumn is pumpkin season, and so is Halloween. You can go all out with unique recipes all day long.

Pumpkin Cheesecake with two layers

When you prepare a two-layer pumpkin cheesecake, nobody will object. Even the pickiest diners enjoy and love each bite of your cheesecake. Cheesecake is a satisfying dessert on its own, but when you incorporate pumpkin spice, the dessert is elevated to a whole new level. Since everything is mixed together in one mixer to create the cheesecake filling, cleaning is also really simple when creating this meal. Just keep in mind to place it in the refrigerator for a bit so that everything cools off before serving.

Pretzel treats for Halloween

For a justifiable reason, pretzels and chocolate are a traditional pairing. The sweet and salty combination is delicious! When pretzels are decorated and made for Halloween, they become even more fascinating. Even small children may assist you in making these simple pretzel treats because there is no baking required.

Halloween Hacks

With simple apartment trends for Halloween, you can completely transform your apartment living

Prepare a batch of blood

It’s simple to create professional-quality blood at home using caramel ice cream topping and red food coloring. Blood available at Halloween retailers is a terrific way to spice up costumes and improve party accessories. Also, it’s edible! Feel free to apply it to any Halloween decorations that may use some gore. You should be aware that it will be sticky, so place it in areas that are simple to clean with a hose or scrubber, or else attach it to more secure areas like bowls, balloons, and easily washable fabric.

Broomstick Pendant Light Construction

This is a decoration idea for the books on Halloween. The broomstick and chandelier, black fringed tablecloth, gourds, and black candlesticks are just a few of the elaborate decorations in this dining area. Create a lovely contrast that mellows and enhances the theme décor with crimson centerpieces.

Halloween DIY trends

There is seasonal décor for the rest of the year, but there is Halloween décor. Halloween décor tends to be spooky and extra. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on it.

Fall Decor & DIY Trends You Have to Try this Season at Sunnyside Village


Savor the changing colors of Mount Hood this fall season from your private balcony or patio at Sunnyside Village Apartments. The year-round spa offers relaxation after a long day, but don’t stop there. Create that warmth inside and make cozy spaces in your apartment with the latest fall apartment decor and DIY trends.

Fall Decor You Need

Get into the mood before you step inside with a seasonal doormat, wreath, or potted plant, and stand outside. Choose your favorite fall season herbs and put your plant container in a basket surrounded by tiny pumpkins, pinecones, pine straws,s or candles. A small lantern or two would make a charming addition to your plant table.

Inside, it’s all about the fabric. Upgrade throw pillows and blankets with cozy crimson, pumpkin, cinnamon, and chocolate colors. Velvet and fringe are on trend.

Try These DIY Projects This Season

Create wall art easily this fall season. Collect leaves in different shades and poke small holes in a piece of cardboard, a grid board, or a canvas. Get twine, carefully guide a needle through each leaf and thread them onto twine depending on the shade. Separate your leaves into at least 3 shades and glue them onto your “canvas.” Frame or hang as is, in front of windows or on walls.

Paint pumpkins and pinecones in bright colors. Add glitter or designs and place them throughout your apartment. You can also find unique baskets to collect your fall apartment decor. Bringing nature inside is one of the easiest DIY trends of the fall season.

Apartment living offers many options to welcome the fall season. With rivers, falls, and mountains surrounding you, you’ll always be inspired with creative ideas to make cozy spaces in your apartment and enjoy the fall season at Sunnyside Village Apartments.

Completing Your Summer Bucket List at Sunnyside Village


Summer is here, and there is no better way to enjoy it than to take it all in while living at Sunnyside Village Apts. These beautiful apartments are luxurious, even with the hot weather. Read on to find out more about how much fun you will have apartment living in these beautiful homes!

What to Add to Your Summer Bucket List- Vacay Mode

The property has a beautiful zen deck where you can relax and watch the sunset or the sunrise. There is a beautiful swimming pool that you can utilize. The apartment boasts luxurious space, and it is pet-friendly as well. Gym bunnies will be happy to hear that there is a fitness center so you can keep fit.

Bucket Lists Items for Your Apartment Living Lifestyle

Summer can be brutal with the searing unforgiving heat; however, this does not mean you have to suffer. Utilities such as fans and an air conditioning system have been put in place for your comfort. In the scorching heat, an apartment where you can keep cool and avoid any heat wave is apartment living. You can use fans or bring over your curtains to make your home shady. Although, ensure your changes are temporary, as permanent ones are not allowed. Having a garage sale and decluttering your home will make it breezier in mere minutes, plus you get to cash in on unwanted items.

Have Fun this Summer at Sunnyside Village Apts

Going for swim, staying hydrated and eating load of ice cream will help you to beat the summer heat and keep cool while doing something fun that you will enjoy. These are some of the ways you can keep cool in the hot weather. Life is fun and exciting when you live in the Sunnyside Village Apts . This summer, there is much to be explored while you live at the beautiful apartment and beat the heatwaves.

Hosting Your Friends this Summer and During a Heatwave


The season that everyone loves, the best season to have ice cream and camp under the stars in summer! There is no better season. Read the article below to get some ideas on how to enjoy the summer. The Sunnyside Village Apts, is the place to be this summer!

How to Make the Most Indoors this Summer

Summer is here and that means more time to spend outdoors as well as hanging out with your friends and family. With the heat in session, this may cause terrible heat waves. Hence you must take good care of yourself so that you can lessen the symptoms of the ailment. When you are inside the apartment and you feel too hot make sure to purchase a fan so that you can feel cool in the hot temperatures. Another option is to use the air conditioner, as these amazing apartments have air conditioning so you can be comfortable in the blazing heat.

Hosting Family & Friends During the Heatwave

The Sunnyside Village Apartments is the perfect place for you to invite your friends over because of the amazing olympic size swimming pool. The poolside lounge and complimentary Wi-Fi will make you enjoy your summer. These houses also have beautiful patios where you can have a barbecue or just sit and relax with your loved ones. Some summer recipes that you can try include iced tea, homemade ice lollies as well as some fruit salad or vegetable salad.

Enjoy Indoor Entertainment This Summer

Be sure to make use of all the tips mentioned above in order to have some awesome summer fun. Apartment living has never been this easy. There are so many indoor games and summer recipes that are just begging and waiting for you to try them. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen when you go outside and stay hydrated.

Vibrant Summer Colors to Add into Your Sunnyside Village Apartments


Have you been noticing that your Sunnyside apartment has been looking bleak? Perhaps it needs some vibrant decorations that scream summer. If you’ve been looking for some apartment-friendly tips to brighten up the space, you’re in luck. Read on how to make your room more lively again.

Making Your Home Summer Ready

Apartment living is the way to go because you don’t have to deal with lawn maintenance. But you will still need to spruce up inside, so here are some renter-friendly hacks to get you started:

Add beachy patterns

Beach patterns can often make the place feel like it’s in paradise. Whether a green backdrop with ocean waves decor, it can make your space feel like summer 24/7.

Add light shades

Making your home summer-ready means adding some shades that will keep the apartment cool. Go for neutral colors, as it will brighten up the space.

Open the windows

Opening the windows will make the space much more relaxed if it’s not too hot outside. When you have guests, having a window open will make things easier as the air circulates better.

Hues to Match Every Mood this Season

Some people are attracted to specific colors because of their moods. But here are colors for the summer that will fit every mood:

Bright, Dramatic Colors

Colors ranging from red to bright orange can help liven up the space. It shows that you’re bold and not afraid of it.

Nautical colors

Summer means spending time in the water. Watercolors like light blue, white, and gray would work very well in the apartment.

Vintage Colors

Vintage is coming back, and so are the colors. Colors such as yellows and greens are extremely hot right now. You can mix and match these colors in anything to make the apartment pop with color. You can find ideas here!

Apartment Living at Sunnyside

Now that you have found inspiration to decorate your apartment, why not participate in some summer fun in the area? Mount Hood is just over an hour away and is a trendy place to visit. While the volcano may not erupt soon, it is a sight to take in after. Head home to relax in the new decor that you’ve put up this summer.

The Top Three Activities You Can Do in Your Sunnyside Apartment


There’s always an excellent opportunity to look into new indoor hobbies when you’re stuck at home. It can help you discover new or old interests and more. Read on to see what new activities you can do while in your Sunnyside apartment.

Three Hobbies to Pick Up This Month

Here are some hobbies that you can pick up this month if you’ve never done them before:


It’s the perfect time to learn new recipes and cook delicious meals. In addition, you’ll easily impress your family or dinner guests should you invite them.


If you have an appreciation of penmanship, you might like calligraphy. You can get a beginner book and brush pens to practice if you’re bored one day.

DIY Bath Bombs

Have you seen those bath bombs for sale online and thought about making some of your own? You, too, can do it. All you need is some supplies, watch a few how-to videos and go from there.

Tips for Dedicating Space in Your Home

Pick a room

This is especially true if you’ve picked up an art & crafts hobby. Ensure the room has enough space for the materials and participating in your chosen hobby.


Once you’ve found the extra space to dedicate to a hobby, you’ll want to ensure that the area is clean. You’ll have peace of mind, and your hobby will be more enjoyable in an adequately managed space.

Make it comfortable

You must be comfortable when participating in any indoor hobbies. This means excellent organizational skills or having comfortable seating nearby.

Creating space in your apartment for indoor hobbies

There are many hobbies that you can do in your apartment. However, if you don’t want to spend time at home, you can visit North Clackamas Aquatic Park for some aquatic fun in Clackamas. Whichever pique your interest, there is always something new to learn that is fun and exciting.

Prepping For Fall 2021 Apartment Decor at Sunnyside Village Apartments

Autumn leaves

With the 2021 Fall Season coming quickly, it’s always an exciting time to celebrate the changing leaves and cooler temperatures in your apartment living environment. During the Fall months, we tend to spend more time indoors due to the changing weather conditions. So there’s no doubt that having an aesthetically pleasing living space that can brighten any mood and lead to a more productive lifestyle while residing at Sunnyside Village.

Our Favorite 2021 Fall Trends

A multi-purpose living room can add a punch of fall flavor to your home:

  • Comforting accessories: cushions, rugs, baskets, blankets
  • Warm tones: complimentary of the nature outside
  • Sensory accents: beeswax scented candles, indoor plants, cinnamon sticks, a bowl of pine cones

How To Adapt These Trends for Your Apartment?

Enjoy embracing new accessories to furnish the living room that not only complements the colors surrounding you outdoors but are functional for those cooler temperatures, keeping you warm and cozy.

1. Comforting Accessories:

  • Add cushions of a different material to your couch
  • Neatly run soft wool blankets over the arm and or back of the coach
  • Place a textured rug that provides warmth and a different sensation for your feet
  • Use straw baskets to place miscellaneous items in like books and newspapers

2. Warm tones:

Choose colors that reflect the falling leaves; purples, burnt orange, browns, tans, yellows in your selected accessories above.

3. Sensory accents:

  • Indoor plants placed around the apartment for vibrancy and fresh scents
  • Beeswax candles on the coffee tables for a warming sensory experience
  • Place a bunch of cinnamon sticks tied with string in the bathroom for a spiced aroma
  • Ceramic bowl of pine cones on the dining table to celebrate the Fall Season

Finding Fall decor in your local surroundings

You can achieve these decor tips by wandering through your local Sunnyside Village garden and trails. There you may find pine cones, pine leaves, offcuts from gardens, and by visiting the local Target for the perfect cushions, rugs, blankets, and more. The trending Fall decor touches allow for an easily personalized aesthetic that is not only practical for your wellbeing but is right on trend for this year’s 2021 Fall apartment living at Sunnyside Village.

How to Survive the Heatwaves in your Clackamas Apartment

As the summer progresses, temperatures are soaring, and everyone is searching for a way to cool down. Luckily, this is not hard to do in Sunnyside Village apartments!

Enjoy Our Outdoor Amenities

Sunnyside Village apartments offer fabulous outdoor amenities to help you combat the heatwave. Taking a dip in the sparkling waters of the outdoor pool is sure to help you feel refreshed. Spending some time on the sundeck outside is another way to make apartment living in the summertime a real treat. Don’t forget to take advantage of our resident clubhouse as well! There is plenty of seating and entertainment space for you and any guests that come by this summer as well. 

Rental-Friendly Ways to Cool Down Your Home

There are plenty of ways to keep things cool inside in the Sunnyside Village apartments. Installing blackout curtains will help keep the sunshine out and prevent your space from overheating. For the more technologically-minded resident, purchasing a high-tech, flex power fan can add a blast of cool air into the room. These kinds of utilities are great for targeting the heatwave. The Sunnyside Village apartments are pet-friendly! If you have a furry friend, offering them a popsicle is a great idea!

Local Attractions That Will Help You Keep Cool

The Clackamas Town Centre shopping mall is only a nine-minute drive from your Sunnyside Village apartment. Shelter from the hot sun and spend a day shopping in the mall’s cool cover. Alternatively, take a 10-minute drive to the North Clackamas Aquatic Park and have some summer fun. This is perfect for residents of all ages as a diversity of sessions and activities such as aquatic exercise classes, lap swimming, and parent-preschool swimming classes are offered.

Keep things cool in Sunnyside Village apartments by following the tips above! Beat the hot weather and experience beautiful Clackamas in true comfort.

Ways to Improve Your Sleep at Sunnyside Village Apartments

Getting a good night’s sleep is an important part of health and wellness. These days it seems harder than ever to get the rest we need. Apartment living, work stress, relationships, and, of course, COVID-19 have made it more difficult than ever to have high-quality, deep, and restorative sleep. The good news is that in your Sunnyside Village Apartment, there are products and tips that make it easy to sleep like a pro.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep in Your Sunnyside Village Apartment

Many things contribute to making an apartment the ideal place to find great sleep. Open floor plans, spacious bedrooms, and comfortable surroundings can help you unwind and relax. Sunnyside Village Apartments pet-friendly policy can help you snuggle up with a favorite furry pet to help you relax and sleep well. The fitness center can help you release your stress. The modern kitchen can help you feel relaxed and healthy in your food planning needs. 

Check out Lodges at Lake Salish’s amenities page for more information. Enjoy relaxing on your patio or balcony, and the sun can help you to relax and prepare you for a good night’s sleep. 

Tips Before Going to Bed

We all know that restful sleep can have a big impact on health and wellbeing. In recent years, studies have shown that poor sleep is linked to higher body weight, reduced concentration, and unhappiness. Plus, a good night’s sleep has been linked to a better immune system, better moods, and a stronger heart.  Here are some key tips you should try before going to bed:

  • Set the best bedroom temperature for you, most people sleep best around 70 degrees
  • Try to avoid eating late in the evening
  • Relax your mind before bed with music, a book, or a bath before bed

Products for a Restful Sleep

If you have trouble finding that perfect sleep, don’t worry there are some great products that can help.Sandwich style pillows often help a variety of people find comfort and improved sleep. It’s easy to get overheated in the summer, so try some light sheets or blankets or use a fan to help cool the room. The ambient noise from the fan can also help you relax. If you need to pick up these products, then you can typically find them online or at a local store. Some of the local stores can be found at Gresham Crossing off 223rd Avenue and the Wood Village Town Center.

Sleep is important to your health and the quality of sleep can really impact your overall wellness. Choosing the right apartment can help you find a lifestyle that makes finding higher quality sleep easier. There are some easy tips that you can do to fall asleep easier every night, and there are some great products that can help. Enjoy counting those sheep!


Getting Ready for Summer at the Sunnyside Village Apartments

Preparing for summer is always fun. Apartment living in summer means entertaining, outdoor living, and visiting local must-see spots. This summer will be better than ever with the return normalcy after COVID. Here are some tips to make this summer the best ever in your Sunnyside Village Apartment

Amenities that Help You Make the Most of the Season

Your apartment should be an inviting place to live year round. For the summer, it’s important to make sure that your apartment has several key amenities. 

Sunnyside Village has fantastic amenities including spacious kitchens that make entertaining a joy, window coverings that help beat the heat, and private patios and balconies so you can soak up the sun.

Check out Sunnyside Village’s amenities page for more information.

Ways to Stay Cool Inside Your Apartment

The summer heat in Oregon can be a lot to take. Whether you stay inside your apartment or take advantage of the amenities around your apartment community, there are ways to stay cool. 

 Here are some key tips to beating the heat:

  • Set your air conditioner to comfortable temps while you are home while allowing it to run at a more efficient temperature when you are not
  • Sometimes is hard to keep the air moving everywhere, portable fans are often a must
  • Believe it or not, lights can be a major heat source as well. Replace older bulbs with cool-running LED’s (you will save energy too!)

Nearby Stores for Summer Apparel

This is going to be the first post-lockdown summer and it’s going to be great. So many of us are ready to get up, get out, and experience life again. That means it’s time for a new summer look to make the most out of Summer 2021. You can find some fantastic stores close to the Sunnyside Village at the Clackamas Promenade and the Sunnyside Town Center

Summer 2021 can be your best summer ever. With a great apartment, a plan to stay cool, and the latest summer styles, you can make sure that you are prepared to make the most out of this summer. Get ready for the best experiences and memories ever!