Spring Cleaning in Eco-Friendly Ways

Wellness has never been more important than it is today. Living in a tidy and organized home can have a major impact on your emotional and physical health. We have all spent 2020 cooped up at home and many of us have probably let things slip. Let’s make 2021 a fresh start with a great spring cleaning in your Sunnyside Village Apartments.

The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Home

There are clear and measurable mental health benefits of a clean home. A clean home relieves stress. Recent studies have shown that people who regularly spend time cleaning their homes are more relaxed and happier than people that don’t. Clean homes boost productivity. Experts agree that keeping your home organized with everything in its place has a significant impact on personal productivity. Clean homes can help you stay active. Studies show that people who spend time cleaning their homes exercise more often than people that don’t.

Ways to Go Green with Your Cleaning Process

Most of us want a clean home without contributing unnecessarily to climate change, so it’s very important that we follow green practices during our spring cleaning. The good news is that there are several easy tips you can follow to do just that. First, since many products are not safe for kids or pets, make sure you are using basic safety when storing and handling cleaning products. With that out of the way, it’s important to target green cleaning products. Baking soda is great as a gritty base for scrubbing. Vinegar is great as a disinfectant and for loosening dirt. Lemon juice is also a powerful disinfectant and it’s excellent with grease. As a pro tip, you can use all three together. Adding lemon or vinegar activates baking soda with a mild acid to really improve its cleaning power.

Local Stores for Cleaning Material or Cleaning Services for Hire

Things are starting to open up in Clackamas in 2021! Target and Walmart are chock full of great cleaning materials. Need a hand with your spring cleaning? Check out Maid Prime and their 5 Star Reviews. They are a solid local cleaning service.

Spring 2021 is going to be all about a fresh start, which starts with a clean home. Having a clean home will really help with your mental and emotional health. This year, you can have one without hurting the environment and visiting your local stores will help them get off to a strong start, too. Have a great time making that clean, orderly, and organized house a reality this year!

Sparkling Clean for the Spring

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With springtime in the air, new growth awaits this season! You can take ahold of some of that growth by scheduling a spring cleaning session for your apartment at Sunnyside Village Apartments. Here are some cleaning tips and tricks to make the date as seamless as possible.


Kids Cleaning Tips to Get Them on Board


Most likely, those little ones aren’t the biggest fans of helping out around the house. Getting kids on board with spring cleaning starts with some reframing. There are a few cleaning games for kids that can make it easier for them to get on board with tidying up. You can try a “timed tidy”: Everyone must clean as much as they can before a song finishes playing. Kids will love the excitement of scrambling to get the task done fast so much that they might forget they’re cleaning! Or, you can set up a token system, where for every time they complete an age-appropriate chore, they rack up a token to collect toward a small reward. By associating spring cleaning with good feelings, kids can change their tune with tidying down the line!


Powerful DIY Cleaning Products


Springtime is known for reinvigorating the natural world around us. Why not celebrate the environment by committing to homemade cleaning products? Not only are they a more frugal choice, but DIY cleaning products are typically simple to make. For example, this all-purpose cleaner recipe uses common household ingredients to create a powerful grime-fighter with a pleasant citrus scent. Spray on kitchen and bathroom counters for an earth-friendly option to store-bought products!


More Green Cleaning Hacks


Eco-friendly cleaning invokes the spirit of springtime in general! There are plenty of ways to change up your current cleaning arsenal to make your spring cleaning session greener. This helpful list is a great resource for those looking to adopt safer cleaning product choices. Baking soda, vinegar, and pure castile soap are some common (and cost-effective) cleaning heavy-hitters. Feel free to experiment with these green cleaning hacks for all your seasonal tidying sessions!


Spring cleaning clears the home of clutter and welcomes a breath of fresh air! How are you planning on getting your space sparkling? Let us know in the comments!