How to Make a Seamless Transition to Working Remotely

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Make the switch from the ole cubicle to your home office recently? Staying indoors while working remotely can seem stressful if you go in without a gameplan. Here are some helpful tips on how to take charge of your new remote work journey here at Sunnyside Village!


Hone Your Home Office Space


Working from home makes it easy to work from anywhere, but some places are better than others. Instead of getting overly comfy in bed, set up a dedicated office space in order to hone your focus. Consider placing your workstation near a sunny window that you can open. The fresh air and sunshine could do you good and keep the blues away while you’re staying indoors.


Stick to a Routine Remote Work Schedule


Now that you don’t have to commute anymore, it can be easy to let your regular routine fall by the wayside. However, maintaining a regular schedule while working from home keeps you grounded and structured. Keep a planner, wake up at the same time, get dressed in fresh clothes! These simple behaviors will help you stay on track with your daily tasks in the workplace and in general.


Take Breaks When Needed


While some may struggle with finding motivation while working remotely, others may find it difficult not to overwork themselves! Keep yourself in check by establishing a healthy break schedule in between shift hours. Get up to stretch, take your full lunch hour, everything you need to keep yourself refreshed. And if you’re working from a laptop or desktop, stay on top of the 20-20-20 break routine. Every twenty minutes, look away from your computer screen for at least twenty seconds and focus on something twenty feet away. This will combat eye strain from the bright blue light emitted from electronic devices.


You can make your work from home routine breezy by adopting these suggestions! Got any other home office tips to try? Let us know in the comments!

The Best Place to Celebrate Earth Day

The Best Place to Celebrate Earth Day

The Best Place to Celebrate Earth Day

The Best Place to Celebrate Earth Day

One of the best parts of living in Clackamas are all the beautiful parks and open areas that are under a half-hour drive from the Sunnyside Village Apartments! This Earth Day, why not make a day out of a visit to Mount Talbert Nature Park? The forested mountain features not only fun activities and exciting wildlife, but great views as well.

Mount Talbert Nature Park is one of the coolest parks in the area, as it stands in stark contrast to the bustling neighborhoods around it. If you are looking to break a sweat this Earth Day, you will love the miles of trails, which range in difficulty. The summit features fantastic views, so be sure to bring a camera. The park also features a peaceful prairie and picnic areas, so relaxation is always a viable option at the park! Relaxing can also provide you with a chance to watch for native wildlife and examine local plants.

With so much to do, you will be able to return to Mount Talbert Nature Park weekend after weekend! The park is located at 10945 SE Mather Road, Clackamas, OR, just a twenty-minute drive from the Sunnyside Village Apartments in Clackamas, OR.