Clackamas Hiking Trails


Clackamas hiking trails are fun for everyone who lives in the area. We have couple recommendations for you to try.

Clackamas River Trail Hike is a family friendly moderate hike, on an undulating trail. Some parts of this path are swampy, so bring the appropriate footwear; you will see ancient cedars and Douglas-firs.  This hiking trail is open to the public all year long but in winter may have snow.

Along the trail you will go through these areas:

  • Pup Creek Falls
  • The Narrows
  • Indian Henry Trailhead

Mount Talbert Nature Trails, some hikes are mostly covered by trees, wildflowers are abundant, the park has about 4.2 miles of hiking trails. You may find an area of extinct volcanoes, a lava dome, as well as facts about cultural and natural resources posted along the paths.  The park is open daily and free to the public, with over 200 acres of forest and streams. Although dogs and bikes are not allowed on these trails, it is a great moderate hike for the family or an outing with your close hiking buddy.

Get out this weekend for some fresh air and take a hike!