DIY Halloween Decoration That Transition Into Thanksgiving at Sunnyside Village


With Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving coming shortly after, it’s time to get inspired by decorating your cozy apartment home at Sunnyside Village. You may think it’s easier to hire someone rather than to do it yourself. However, there are interior decor ideas that you can do by yourself that will look great for the fall 2021 season.

Why DIY?

There are reasons why you would create a festive look by yourself. You can get in touch with your creative side. Think about trending decor ideas outside the box and activities you can do as a family to get ready for the holidays. Apartment living means you can’t hang anything that will be permanent, so put that into your plan. Doing Halloween and Thanksgiving projects by yourself will give you the confidence to know that you can tackle any other projects in your apartment.

Get Inspired By These Decor Ideas

Fall decor means pumpkins, creating Halloween and Thanksgiving colors such as orange, black, brown, and yellows. A great place to get inspiration before heading to the store is at your local parks or any festivities in your city. Clackamas County holds Halloween and harvest events that you can look at and even get some ideas from there.

Pumpkins are usually the common denominator for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Hobby Lobby in Clackamas, Oregon, has excellent ideas that you can create yourself. They have a wooden pumpkin welcome sign that you can hang on your front door and leave it up through Thanksgiving but don’t drill holes into your door. If there’s not a nail on the outside of your apartment door, then hang it on your doorknob.

They have light-up wooden pumpkins and leaf garland that you could put in the middle of your table. Other things can include pumpkin scented candles to make your whole place smell like pumpkin pie.

Interior Decor for the Fall 2021 Season

These Interior decor ideas are a great way to express your individuality and will be very inviting. Have you done the ideas mentioned above but something still seems to be missing? Try adding a pumpkin throw pillow or two for your furniture. This way, your fall decor will be complete.